Clearing Out Your Digital Clutter

So I have this bad habit of making notes for myself in either Text Edit or Notes and then literally forgetting why I’ve made the notes. Enter “digital clutter.”

Whether it be a note about a recipe or a shorthand way to remember hex colour codes for a client, it’s the jotting digitally that gives me the headache of dozens of untitled notes and creates a bit of a mess.

So what to do?

Well tackle your digital clutter the same way you made it – one note at a time.

Today I’m going through my Notes app and double checking each and every note I’ve made from oldest to newest.  The one I’m working on now was started in May of 2013! Holy crap!

I started at the bottom, looking at a saved note that had four URL’s in it with absolutely no context whatsoever.  Huh.

The easiest way to eat an elephant is one bite at a time.

So go slowly.  

Read each note and review it to either keep or let go.   If you decide to keep the note, make sure you have a descriptive note name/title so you can easily find it in the future.

Not only will you clear some of your digital clutter, but your mind will also be at peace knowing you tackled one of your tech based headaches!

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