Tips to Help Fight the “January Blues”

Here we are week into the new year. While January brings a chance for renewal, it also can bring along the January blues, a combination of post-holiday let down, shorter days and possible financial pressures from gift giving.

Here are a few articles to help you understand what the January blues are and some helpful tips for how to deal with them!

“I would say read, meditate. I would say journal. That doesn’t have to look like, ‘well today I feel.’ It can look just like words on a piece of paper,” she said. “You can literally just write words, all of these, just whatever you feel. Or you can bullet journal. Or you can make it an art, you can get crafty.

Courtney Council via Spectrum News 1

Oh, the weather outside is frightful…and you may not be feeling so delightful. Luckily, there’s a lot you can do both to prevent the winter blues and improve your mood.


By understanding the January Blues is a natural and biological process, we can take comfort in the fact that it is not a result of wrongdoing but a temporary state. Moreover, we do have the ability to influence how quickly we recover from the January depression by implementing a few practices. Here’s how:

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They’re here! The dreaded January blues… As the festive lights dim and the winter chill sets in, January can sometimes bring a sense of post-holiday blues. But fear not, you’re not alone and amidst the grey skies, there are countless ways to infuse your days with warmth and positivity. Join us on a journey to beat the January blues and welcome the new year with a renewed spirit.


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