5 Tips to Get More Done

I’m willing to bet most of us want to get more done in the course of our days.  Here are 5 simple tips to help you actually get more of your to-do list cleared out!

1. Minimize interruptions:

Send your phone calls to voicemail during work hours. On an iPhone, you can set your “Focus” to Do Not Disturb, Personal or Work.If you have a dedicated home office, close your door.  Consider using a sign to let your fam know that you’re hard at work or let them know what hours you’ll be available to them versus your dedicated work hours.  When interruptions happen, and they will, try to return to your work focus as soon as you can.

2. Add a time to make calls or email into your daily schedule.

When you are returning calls, make sure you note in your voicemail your available hours to help direct callers to your available times.  Ask the caller to also let you know their in office hours to save yourself playing a game of phone tag all day. For your email, set up your email program to only get emails every hour or as long an interval as you can.  Having email come in every 5 minutes will destroy your productivity in the worst way.  Set aside time in your schedule to read and deal with your incoming messages.

3. Give yourself small breaks during the day.  

Working yourself to the point where your butt falls asleep or you end up not being able to take in the information your ready is counter productive.  Give yourself a few break during your work day.  Even something as simple as standing and stretching will help.  Go for an indoor walk around the house or grab a cup of tea and give yourself a few minutes off a couple times a day.

4. Embrace your own organizing/productivity style.  

We are all different in how we approach productivity and we also have diverse organizational styles. Remember that you have achieved success in your life by your hard work.  Challenge yourself to improve your organization or productivity by adding one new habit into your day.  Update your filing system.  Get rid of junk mail right into the recycling bin as soon as you have hands on it. Embracing organization should be a help, not a hinderance.

5. Make a plan and stick to it.

“Even the best laid plans turn to hell when exposed to reality.” ~Michael Anthony There is a very fine line between spontaneity and procrastination.  And sometimes we walk that line like a drunken circus clown.  Once you’ve come up with a plan for tackling your work day or your to-do list, keep on it! Only YOU can prevent yourself from distractions.

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