5 Tips for Doing a “Nightly Reset” to Prep for Your Day

I am not a morning person.  Even when my children were little, I was not an early riser.  Now that my kids are older, I have created a morning routine for myself to help ease into the day.  And by doing a “nightly reset”, I can make my morning run more smoothly, which is a win for everyone I live with.

Before going to bed, I find doing the five things below helps me function in the a.m.

First and foremost, either myself or my husband, puts on the coffee for the next morning.  Although our coffee maker has a timer, we rarely use it as we get up at different times each morning.  We grind the beans, add the water and whoever gets up first flips the pot on.

Having my coffee ready when I bring the dogs back in is part of easing into my day.

02 – Review Your Schedule

Before you go to bed each night, take a glance at your schedule for the next day.  By doing this one small overview, you make sure you aren’t hit with surprises such as a dental appointment you forgot about, or an after-school program from which you’ll need to pick up your munchkins.

Go to bed knowing what’s coming up will also quell those late night worries about what tomorrow has in store for you!

03 – Tidy Your Living Space

Employing a version of a 10-second tidy is another way to help you function in the morning.

Do a sweep of your main living areas (here that’s the kitchen and living room!) and put things away.  Put away anything that was out of place – toys, dishes, papers, etc. so when you rise in the morning, you are not immediately confronted by clutter.

Making your morning run well is the goal here, and perfection is NOT the end game.

04 – Tidy Your Bedroom

Keeping your bedroom neat and tidy will go a long way toward making your morning, and your night, run smoothly.

I find in my own life, having a disheveled and disorganized bedroom makes getting to bed tense, and I don’t get a good quality sleep.

Take a few minutes to put the laundry away and give your dresser a once over.  Close your closet doors.  Become more minimalist with your night stand and only have a light, space for your book and maybe a glass of water on it.  You only need these few things to help make your rest better.

05 – Ban Blue Light

I read every night before going to sleep, and I use my iPad to do it.  I have the Night Mode set up to change from a more blue backlight to yellow, helping my brain get used to the more muted light and enabling me to go to sleep easier after I’m done.

I try to get my children to shut down their phones, computers, etc. to help them get a more restorative sleep at night, with varying success.  Teenagers!

Banning electronics all together, or making sure you have your night mode activated, is another small way to help enjoy a restful night!

I hope these simple tips for a nightly reset can help you create a more restful night and a better morning!

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