5 Zero Waste Projects to Help Your Fam Be More Sustainable

We’re all in this together. And by all I mean ALL! Coronavirus has changed the way we live, in both good and bad ways.

But we can all do things to make our life under COVID-19 more enjoyable and help us live a more sustainable existence!

Here are five projects I’ve found to help you get started! Change starts with a single step!

Create your own net produce bag with twine and some patience
Make your very own furniture dusting wipes via HelloGlow
Create your own cotton pads for washing your face or removing your makeup

And here’s a YouTube tutorial on how to create a faux overlock stitch on a regular sewing machine, for your cotton rounds ☟

Make your own beeswax food covers so you can stop using plastic sandwich bags
DIY Your Own “Unpaper” Towels

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