Top 10 Phrases Designers Hate

These are the kind of things that make designers want to stab themselves in the eye – a cornucopia of vague requests that make the skin of designers crawl!

10 – “Jazz it up!”

9 – “This will give you great exposure and bring in lots of business, so can you do it for free?”

8 – “It looks so easy it should only take you five minutes!”

7 – “Can you send me a high res image?” and the client sends a 150px x 150px jpg

6 – “Can you just remove the watermark from these images so we can use them?”

5 – “Can you just copy everything from website x and put our logo on it?”

4 – “But the website doesn’t look right when I print it!”

3 – “Can you rotate that image so we see the peoples faces instead of their backs?”

2 – “I don’t like it.” “What specifically don’t you like?” “I’m not sure, I just don’t like it!”

1 – “Make it pop!”

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