Hi, I’m Jill!

In 1999 I started my home-based business as a virtual assistant, following in my grandmother’s footsteps. She was a work from home typist well before “virtual assistant” was a thing!

But it was always my dream to open a paper shoppe.

I wanted to work with boutique planners, design imaginative page layouts and create charms for each and every taste out there!

After the ex called me “scatter-brained”, I got pissed off.

So I decided that I needed to up my planning game and actually actively manage my home, life + small business!

I opened HelloSimple.ca to help me establish positive changes (besides the divorce!)in my life, home and small business.

I’m passionate about finding sensible solutions, comprehensive bullet journal and planner layouts and ways to live a more simple and sustainable life!
I hope you follow me along and that I can provide you with tools to create the life of your dreams!